Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mayor Pawlowski and his Crazy Clown Team

Think Mayor Pawlowski in the middle, with his Blogger Crazy team flanking him.

For whatever reason, my neighbors here in Allentown reelected Ed Pawlowski as mayor on November third. Hey, majority rules, I have to live with it, at least until I hit the lottery in UK or Ireland, or Swaziland, right?

What's pissing me off now is all the trash talking that is being done, and was done, and is still coming from people who support him. And two of these people (Bill and Angie Villa) are doing it while claiming it is their right of free speech. These two people are holding themselves up as some kind of pillars of virtue. Like they, and only they, have a right to speak.
They are two of the most vocal supporters of our Mayor on the Internet, and in the Blog world in particular. They repeatedly post a picture of Angie Villa with the mayor, to show how much they are in favor with the Mayor.
It is only a photograph, but the way they use it, it conveys that they have the full support of the Mayor in their actions. I want you to think about what the Villas are doing on blogs, and decide for yourselves if what these CLOWNS are doing is so sanctimonious. I want people to decide if they think these two blog clowns are doing the Mayor Clown's bidding.
For starters:

Posting THOUSANDS of Comments on every local blog, mostly off topic, condemning a Valley resident (Blogger Bernie O'Hare) for a mistake he made almost 25 years ago. It has nothing to do with the death of the Villa's daughter, I think it has everything to do with O'Hare's criticism of Mayor Pawlowski on his blog. They keep asserting he hasn't been rehabilitated. If anybody needs rehabilitation, I think those two should try it. I can't read a single local blog that hasn't had to go to some kind of blocking to stop them. That is rude that they do that.

Then there is the Hammering and slamming of a sitting City Councilman (Michael Donovan) for standing up to their hate attacks. They even mocked him over his posting about a daughter of his who died. (As if they are the only people allowed to grieve for a daughter who died young?) I think, again, that it is all about trashing Donovan because he stands up to the mayor, and I think they do it on the mayor's behalf. They swear they have the power to keep him from being reelected. I hope not.

They also regularly engage in Belittling and mocking a community activist (Mike Molovinsky) who stands up for what he believes in. He is another guy who questions what the Mayor is doing, and so is another target of the Villas nasty sniping and misrepresentation.

And then there are my Army Veteran friends, like Chris Casey and The Volvo driving Soccer Mom. The Villas accuse them of unsubstantiated crimes like "Viewing their blog" and "disagreeing with them. They posted photos that portrayed Chris and Carrie as humongous fat people, to try and provoke them. I got news for the Villas, all it did was make us all laugh.
All those pictures and slams the Villas posted did was show just what petty and small minded morons they are. And Damn, what is the point of the blog if they don't want people reading it?

Maybe They don't want the wrong people, you know, people who don't agree with them, to read their blog, is that what it is? That would make sense!

The Villas are not acting like very nice people. I could list other targets of their hatred, like a Lynn Township attorney Dave Najarian, Allentown Activist Alfonso Todd, who Villa labeled an "uncle Tom" and even our District Attorney Jim Martin, who has been the target of Villas wrath because he didn't take the drunk driver who was responsible for the death of Sheena Villa and summarily execute him in public.

Chris Casey told me the reason he won't help the Villas in their crusade is because Bill Villa does not want justice, he wants vengeance. I read their blog, and I saw the ten million word litany of hate directed against individuals employed at the daily paper, and if I were an editor or reporter at the paper, I wouldn't meet with somebody who posted my picture on the Internet and called me a liar either.

I almost forgot, they even trashed a young man studying to be a priest because he defended some of these people, and made fun of his religious faith, they still post his picture and label him a "cuckoo cleric." But I bet the Bill and Angie Villa go batwhacky for me pointing out what they are doing. How dare I call them crazy! The right to trash people is theirs, and theirs alone! Only they can call people crap, don't do it to them, or they will go all "pity us, our daughter died" mode.

That is over with. The death of a loved one is no excuse to practice what Bill and Angie Villa are doing.

I think Mayor Pawlowski is using Bill Villa's thirst for vengeance as a weapon against his local political opponents. including the paper. I don't pretend to know all about Villa or the Mayor, or Jim Martin, or Bernie O'Hare, but I do know what I see in front of me. Every one of Bill Villa's targets have one thing in common, they all have challenged Ed Pawlowski in some way.

Mr. Mayor, I have a question, an excellent question as your blog pal and the person you gave an exclusive interview to would say.


You seem to benefit from their Blog bullying. Mr. Mayor, and you have remained pretty quiet while they launch attack after attack that you benefit from.

Don't you think you owe it to the people you govern to stand up and condemn these attacks?
You have a degree from a bible college, right? Is this the kind of behavior they teach you to accept there? I would like to know what you would tell your two kids about what the Villas are doing Mr. Mayor, and how you would explain to them that you can say nothing while people are being intimidated by someone who hints they have your support.

I have the blog moderator's word that she will not edit a response from your office in any way, and post it exactly as you write it. We would like to hear from you Mr. Mayor. Please tell me that you do not support the actions of the Villas, because your silence while they attack your opposition on your behalf with lies and insults says you do.


  1. Thanks. Big ups for having our backs.

    Let me know if you ever get an answer. In the mean time, if I can assist in any way, let me know.

    Peace, ~~Alex

  2. Your logic seems pretty sound to me.

  3. I don't know about my logic, but it is what I am seeing. And Father Alex, I don't know about having your back, but I know when people are being two faced. The mayor plays at being a good christian, but I don't think lying about the budget is all that Christian. The Villas have this whole outrage act going on, but that's all it is a big act.
    They put on this aggrieved parents show, and I think it should be cancelled, just like Flash forward.
    It's all a show, and it is all fake. What reason do they have to carry on about their daughter this way almost four years later? It's just an excuse to act like jerks.

  4. You have a great, funny blog. Keep up the good work, and don't let the V's getcha down. Villa is the mayor of Crazytown, as they say, and there's nothing you can do about it. In fact, your (very funny) post is accurate, but it will only serve to fuel their fire.

    I recommend the approach O'Hare seems to be taking: ignore them, delete them and MOVE ON. There's too much happening in this little town to worry about the local nut jobs. And, if they cross the line into criminal harassment, definitely keep records and call the police.

  5. Hey Angry Priest, how you doing. I hope you are feeling better.


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