Friday, November 13, 2009

Mayor McCheese Pawlowski needs to denounce his Crazy Team

I am amazed at the scope of what Mayor McCheese will allow his supporters to do. My case in point is the people who post a blog called Lehigh Valley Somebody. The whack job who runs its has all the other bloggers quakin'.
I could give a rats ass. Nutjobs don't know me from Adam, so I got nuthin' to fear.
These people think they are like real important in city politics. and that they can make or break political people in this town. That's like saying
the inmates at the Psych ward upstairs at Lehigh Valley Hospital 17th and Chew are capable of doing home neurosurgery on themselves.

  On second thought, maybe that's what happened with those two.

  Hitler had his ministry of propaganda, and Mayor Mc Cheese has his dynamic duo team of Blogtroopers out trashing anybody who writes anything counter to their nihilistic drivel. (How about that word, nihilistic? Pretty big word for an LCCC grad, huh?)

   All the other Blog folks I hang with tell me I gotta ignore the crazies, but I think that is a mistake. They act like that is going to work. The crazy Bill Villa dude keeps posting slams of my buds on any blog he can.
  The dude trashes everybody and holds himself up as some kind of great journalistic superhero.
   Alfonso Todd nailed it on the head when he wrote something about those two been reading  (and writing) their own damn comments too much.

  The way I see it, this Villa turd is making it so his crazy speech is the only one that gets free air time. Everybody else has to control their comments to keep him from slamming them or spreading his Pawlowski approved propaganda.

   I think that sucks. He can't do nothin' to me, he couldn't find his ass if he had both hands on it, so I ain't worried about him coming to break my jaw.
   I want y'all to think about this, but this dude wants to practice his free speech, but tell everybody else who they can talk to. What is the deal? Who the fuck is this Bill Villa dude to tell people they can't talk to the Bernie O'hare dude? What gives him the right to decide who I can talk to?
  What's next? you gonna tell us who we can listen too, OR ELSE?

   I am friends with most of the people Villa dude keeps screwing with, and they tell me to stay out of it.

   I can't do that and I won't. My friends are getting beat on by some psycho turd (and his wife) with a computer, and I back up my friends. My wife sent me this thing about people staying silent while others were attacked, and there was nobody left to help the quiet people when the bad ones finally got around to them.

  I have never been quiet, and I sure as hell ain't politically correct.

   I think Mayor McCheese needs to publicly denounce these blogging turd clowns and say they are wrong in what they do. McCheese ain't got the balls to do it, but he should, seeing as they keep using a picture of Mrs Crazy with Mayor McCheese on the Internet all the time.

  Look Mayor McCheese, by staying silent, you are saying what Villa turd and his wife are doing is A ok with you.
  Do you really think that way? Would you preach that at your LIFECHURCH?
  Yeah, McCheese, think about it. You are nice and quiet while Villa turd shits all over anybody you see as an enemy. What course in bible college teaches that?

   Or maybe you went to Clown College, and got your divinity degree from there. I would believe that.
  I know they don't at mine.


  1. villa has succeeded in intimidating people into silence. i complained to the community development director, joyce marin, about her enabling the villa's while they bash elected officials; they even attacked a city councilman's wife and son. she denied knowledge of the situation, even though i supplied links and quotes.

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  3. I give you credit, you aren't holding anything back. I'm sure if Villa knew where you lived, or your name, your picture and some hate slur would be up with the ones of the rest of us.
    I look forward to watching how he deals with you. An opponent he can't hit. Your as anonymous as all the comments he makes up. This should be good!

  4. I am still miffed. I did nothing to them. And yet, my picture is on there website with the suggestion that I am on their black list. They claim they get anonymous responses from me that attack them. I have never done such a thing. On the contrary, they pose as me on their site and send emails under my name to their friends. Just because I have a different viewpoint than theirs, they label me the anti-christ. I won't drink their kool-aid. And I won't stay silent. I stopped looking at their blog months ago. All it was, was about hate. I bet not that much has changed on their blog since I stopped looking at it. I won't even waste my time or energy trying to get them to stop using my picture on their site - because no one goes to their site. They have zero credibility anymore. I feel sorry for them. Good luck on your venture. Let me know if I can help in anyway.

    Peace, ~~Alex

  5. I don't get what all of you had to do with Villa turd's daughter dying in 2006. I'd be broke up if it was my kid, but I can't figure what O'Hare dude had to do with it.
    And what did Council ostrich Donovan have to do with it? I wasn't in the loop, so I don't know. but I know that Villa Turd is outta line crapping on people.
    I'm new to this, but it looks to me like he is doing this to help the mayor. Everybody the Villaturds go after has bitched about McCheese. That ain't just a coincidence, that looks like a planned pattern.
    Molovinsky- I like you. I think you are goofy, but at least you are sincere. Dude, What they said about u on that blog was out of bounds trash talkin'.

    LVCI- Dude, you are like my info man, you have all the info links. If u say they are going to be headliners, I ain't betting against you. The Villaturds are going to be like the parents of balloon boy. They are going to get the attention they are begging for, and they will wish they hadn't.

    Casey - I got nuthin to worry about. He can't find me, and nobody will give me up.
    Remember: "what we do here what we say here when we leave here it will stay here."
    I know I am safe.

    Village Idoti -

    You are the deacon, right? I used to be Catholic. Peace is a state of mind, and I don't know if I will find what I want of it. I look for it all the time. I take what I have and hold it tight (My family). The Villaturds aren't even looking, they keping waging war against anyone they can.
    If they can't have peace, they don't want anyone else to have it either. I think that's why they crap on everybody, to feel better about themselves. That wisdom was shared to me by a good friend. Peace to you to Alex, don't be miffed, because God isn't. God is probably laughing at Villaturds.

  6. LOL! I like your style, man! Yeah, I was targeted and even called a "media whore". But I guess they took my kindness for weakness, because I used my media whoredom powers and turned the mirror back on them ( they haven't bothered me since. Or maybe they have and I just haven't noticed. Anyway, I continue to put Allentown on my back and do community events and projects for the good of the City. So, if this makes me a gigilo or media whore, I guess I need to get a better pimp. LOL!

    Alfonso Todd


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